Are you optimising your content for search engines and social media?

When we talk about optimising content we’re talking about creating content that brings an audience to your website

Is your website converting?

When we talk about converting in the context of websites, what we mean is: When people visit your website, does looking at your site convert them from being site visitors to being people who take action?

Is your website easy to update?

Have you ever suffered from ‘Holiday Head-Wipe Syndrome’? It’s what happens when you return to the office after your annual week in Skegness and find you can’t remember how to perform all those various tech tasks that were part of your daily routine, before you zipped off to the seaside.

Is your website maximising user experience?

When you create a website for your business, it’s easy to be so busy focusing on what your message is, and what you want website visitors to do, that you forget all about the UX.

Want a website that delivers? Form must follow function

The word ‘design’ can be problematic. Ask someone from outside the industry what a designer does and more often than not they’ll tell you it’s all about making something look good. Pretty pictures, making a product appealing, creating an image.

Go responsive or go home

Is there something that you’ve been putting off doing? A toothache that you really should get checked out? A bit of damp in the hallway that needs to be looked at before winter sets in? How about changing the format of your website to responsive design?

5 things to consider when choosing a web design agency

What do you look for when you're trying to select an agency to create your new website? Is cost your starting point? Are you looking for someone that's easy to work with and good at communicating? Or would you start by looking for a specialist web design agency that focuses primarily on your industry sector?

How to land your first job as a designer

At last! You’ve put in the hours of study, built up a portfolio that you’re really pleased with and you’re ready to exchange your student debt for a salary. Taking your first steps as a designer is exciting but at this time of year with so much other fresh talent going after the same jobs as you, how do get the edge on the competition?

Google mobile-friendly is here – but don’t panic!

While we all know that advances in technology are supposed to make life easier for us, there are times when even those of us with rational minds wonder if we’re actually just characters in some sophisticated computer game, working our way through a series of challenges designed to bamboozle us.

Election 2015: Where’s the grand design?

Don’t panic – this isn’t a party election broadcast. We know you’re probably suffering from election fatigue. But we do have some election news that could help your business.  No – we’re not going to offer you a tax cut or new type of business grant.  It’s just that here at The Graphic Design House we’ve been running an opinion poll amongst ourselves and what we’ve learned might well be useful to you.