6 crucial design considerations for recruitment websites

Andrea Oggiano
  • Andrea Oggiano
  • Web Designer

A captivating and effective website is vital to any business, but there are certain organisations for whom the website is the absolute foundation of income generation. Recruitment is one of those businesses.

Millions of people search for jobs online every day, while employers face the tricky choice of which recruitment agency to use when filling vacancies. For employers, it will come down to which agencies attract the best and most suitable candidates. And that brings us back to your recruitment agency website design. Is it the one that’s a first choice for quality candidates?

Here are six tips to help you achieve that enviable top position.

Good looking, clear talking

Recruitment website design needs to be visually engaging. It needs to connect with your target audience immediately. Similarly, your content needs to be clear and valuable. No one’s going to waste time on anything else – after all, your site users are too busy looking for job opportunities; they don’t want to muck about.

Keep your colour palette clean and bright. White paper-style backgrounds are popular for recruitment and a safe way to go. They’re easy to read and good for providing information in a straightforward fashion.

Language should be clear and unambiguous. Recruitment agency websites need straight talking with full, distinct information.

Brand consistency will build your corporate identity.

Be consistent with your branding

That brand identity needs to be apparent in both the visual design and in the content of your website. Your brand guidelines need to be well defined. This will help you to have a brand voice that comes across loud and clear throughout your website and which is carried through to all your marketing, such as brochure design, advertising and email campaigns.

Things like clever illustration that links different aspects of the site, can build brand identity and help with functionality.

Brand consistency announces your credibility, making your recruitment business website more recognisable to viewers and more memorable.

Fantastic functionality

A straightforward and valuable user experience is vital to all successful recruitment website designs.

  • Your content should be crystal clear and well defined.
  • Search function should be simple, with filters to refine the job search.
  • Online application should be an easy, one-step process.

Remember that talent borrows but genius steals. Learn from the big brands and competitors in your field of recruitment.

  • What is it that makes their recruitment website popular?
  • Do you need to include their functionality in your website?

Research into competitor recruitment website design will show you how visitors use other large-footfall sites. But make sure that you’re inspired by others – don’t just copy them. (Remember – you need to highlight your own individual high-profile corporate identity.)

Make sure that you use responsive web design to enable users to access and interact with your website on any device. If they struggle to use your site on a particular device, chances are they’ll find a competitor business that gives them full functionality and use that instead.

Make friends with your visitors

Like any business, you want your customers to come back for more. Now they know where you are, what can you do to keep them checking in with your site and using your services?

Use the design of your website to include reasons to come back. An excellent way to do this is through inviting users to subscribe, so that they receive regular updates for suitable job postings. Other relationship building that should be part of web design for recruitment agencies includes:

  • social media
  • e-newsletters
  • freebies (such as an e-book with interview tips and techniques)

Remember that relationships are a two way process. Enhance the user experience by giving users the opportunity to contact you, and maybe interact with other career seekers and employers.

Give them what they want

Don’t be afraid to ask clients and users for feedback. That way, you can give them what they really want. Build tools, such as surveys, into your web design. It doesn’t need to be complicated. A one-question survey can tell you a huge amount if you ask the right question. Take time to analyse the answers and then work out how to deliver any changes. Sometimes a small tweak can have a big impact on user experience.

Here at TGDH, we use Umbraco for content management, which means it’s easy for you to publish, edit and modify the content on your site. A good content management system (CMS) is essential if you want to keep step with what your customers want.

Think shop

You may be a recruitment consultancy but whatever your business is, it pays to Think Shop. There are some shops we browse around without buying anything. There are other shops that we go into with a short list, yet always come out with more. You want to be that second shop. Here’s what you should be doing if you want to be like the second, successful shop:

  • Guide customers straight to what they’re looking for.
  • Display goods accessibly and attractively.
  • Give clear information about what’s on offer.
  • Make it easy to get what you want and walk out of the shop with it.

Recruitment is a competitive business, but it’s also one that’s full of opportunity as markets change and grow. With clever, professional recruitment web design, you can capitalise on those growing markets and watch your business go from strength to strength.