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Back to school: Do you need a marketing manager?

13th Sep 2017
A new academic year has started. We’ve arrived back at school full of optimism and good intentions for the year to come. Remember those new exercise books you were given every September? And the new pens and sharp pencils that you used to write in them? And do you remember how very neatly you wrote on that first, smooth and pristine page, all the time thinking: ‘This time, this time – I’m going to keep this up. My workbooks will always be neat and clear and full of top marks.’

How is the recruitment market evolving in response to digital marketing innovation?

23rd Aug 2017
Digital marketing for recruitment consultancies and head hunters is constantly evolving, creating greater efficiencies, better return on investment and more effective matching of job roles to candidates. It’s a development that benefits both sides through more choice, faster results, and greater transparency. The most successful recruitment agencies are those that stay ahead in the digital market, making use of innovation to create the service that both employers and candidates want.