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Your parents are your customers: a guide for private schools

7th Jun 2017
When it comes to schooling, the idea of parents as customers is not a new one but it’s still one that can raise hackles. The relationship between schools and parents is unique: it’s multi-stranded, complex, and differs for each individual pupil and their family. It’s not a simple sales deal; far from it. It’s a relationship and a life journey and it concerns some of the most important things in life: career prospects, future relationships, fulfilment and future life chances.

St Wilfrid’s Hospice on how fundraising and digital design collide

31st May 2017
St Wilfrid’s Hospice provides tailored end-of-life care, in the community and at their Hospice in Chichester. St Wilfrid’s is an independent charity, serving people along the south coast, between Emsworth and Arundel, to the south of the Downs. Here, Fundraising Manager Michelle Sidney, explains how the charity’s new website and digital marketing, created by The Graphic Design House, have become an important part of the fundraising process.