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Are your Fee Earners website profiles working hard enough?

18th May 2017
A fee earner is the person who carries out the work that delivers the fee to a law firm. It’s the lawyer who takes instruction or cases and who then charges the client for that work. Your fee earner website profiles are the part of your website that tell potential clients about each lawyer in your firm – a bit of professional background alongside specialist skills and a short summing up of particular professional successes.

Why a well-designed website is just as important for insurance companies as it is for retail

8th May 2017
A quick browse through a range of insurance company websites will soon tell you that insurance is lagging behind retail when it comes to website design. So why are websites for insurance companies looking out-dated? Could it be that their target market has different requirements from their retail counterparts? Or could it be something more worrying – that many insurance companies don’t realise the important part played by website design in winning and retaining business?