A Case Study: Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance

Mo Doolan
  • Mo Doolan
  • Social and Content Manager

Training and education go hand in hand. Here at TGDH we have a world of knowledge and experience when it comes to education, whether it be a brand refresh or complete creative we can assist our clients in any of their design objectives.

So when Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance approached us about updating their website to a more user-friendly platform, we were more than happy to do so.

By schools, for schools.

Prospective trainee teachers being able to book and pay for classes is the lifeline of any training organisation. Portsmouth TSA didn't have a very user-friendly platform in terms of course booking prior to coming to us, which is another design consideration we had to investigate further. 

We created a booking service using a content management system which allows prospective teachers to easily access and book classes. This also allows Portsmouth TSA to manage courses more effectively, as all course lists can be downloaded into an easy and organised excel spreadsheet.

Using our knowledge of the sector and expertise skill in bespoke web design we were able to design them a brand new sleek and sophisticated site both organised and detailed with the necessary information. As well as, links to associated education groups being easily accessible. 

Aside from refreshing the general aesthetic, Portsmouth TSA wanted a website that would optimise their content while also displaying more information in an organised platform. Having obvious web links to partnership associations such as Portsmouth Education was also an important design feature to consider.

Having a strong connection with the local community is a must for Portsmouth TSA as they pride themselves on raising the quality of teacher training in Portsmouth.