A day in the life of the Head of Brand and Strategy

Mo Doolan
  • Mo Doolan
  • Social and Content Manager

I had the privilege of following Dan Jubb around the office for a day, learning all about brand, strategy and everything in between. Who knew that there were so many stages in the branding process before a logo is even developed!

The methodology as well as the creative process is very satisfying for my analytical and artistic mind

Hi Dan! 

Hi, Mo

So tell me, what are you currently working on?

I’m currently working with a large regional law firm, promoting one particular part of their service into the market. I’m also working with a couple of independent schools, focussing on student recruitment while also working to refresh their brands. As well as this, I’m working with a large education group on a branding and digital project, and a pharmaceutical company with their European clinical trial.

Wow, a busy guy! So what do you enjoy most about working in brand?

Having originally studied chemistry at university before transferring to fine art, I really appreciate the process and structure of developing a brand strategy. The methodology as well as the creative process is very satisfying for my analytical and artistic mind. I also like to think of myself as a ‘words’ person, so helping create a distinctive lexicon for a particular brand is also really interesting and rewarding. At the end of the day, brand works at so many different angles acting as a tool for clients and bringing people together.

What is one piece of work that particularly stands out to you?

That would be my recent work with our long-standing client Hull Truck Theatre, to raise the profile of their corporate partnerships and individual supporter opportunities. Hull was awarded City of Culture 2017 and we wanted to create a brand which really resonated with the client, while also being relevant and unique. We created the 'Be the Bridge’ supporter brand. Be the Bridge focuses on Hull as a community and uses the famous Humber Bridge as a distinctive icon. It was great seeing the language and visuals come together so smoothly and ultimately helping Hull Truck to raise their profile and engage with more supporters.