A day in the life of the Managing Director

Mo Doolan
  • Mo Doolan
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Here at TGDH we have the privilege of working with our wonderful Managing Director Michelle! She's got a million things to do so I was grateful she had the time to answer a few of my questions.

Hi Michelle! 


So, what're you working on at the moment?

A million things as always which I love.  My main things right now though are working with the account development teams looking at new sectors for TGDH to get their teeth into. I am also quite involved with client presentations for the online element of TGDH.

The coolest boss going!

The Team
It's awesome that you're so involved with your team, what made you want to become the Managing Director?
I never set out to become an MD but more organically grew into the position across the years.  I have covered many positions across the years including finance and commercial management and so it is quite an obvious progression.  I am naturally organised or bossy as my husband and children tell me so I really enjoy the variety and challenges that an overarching position brings. 
Haha well, we think you're doing a great job! What's the biggest challenge of being the MD?
Probably the fact that there is so much to be done every day, I need to always focus on time management as my day is so varied and needs attention in a lot of areas.  I always start and end the day with a priority list, oh and tea, lot’s of tea! 
Tea is life! Now everyones' burning question, if you weren't the MD of TGDH, what would you be doing?!
Ooh there’s a question, ideal world sat in a house in France enjoying a glass of red but back to reality I always fancied being a primary school teacher or a forensics scientist, bit random I know!

Michelle always finishes what she puts her mind too, but doesn't mind having a laugh or two along the way!

The design team

And on top of everything else, Michelle always has time to help the team with queries and concerns!