How is the recruitment market evolving in response to digital marketing innovation?

Kev Simpson
  • Kev Simpson
  • Head of Development

The world of recruitment, both in-house and for agencies and consultancies, has changed dramatically in recent years. This is down to two main factors:

  1. There are no longer ‘jobs for life’. People expect to follow more than one career during their working lives and to move jobs regularly during the course of each career. Moving jobs regularly is often seen as one of the best ways to make career progress, whereas a generation ago, moving jobs frequently could count against you.
  1. Alongside changes in career patterns, there’s also been the constant innovation of digital marketing. This has had an enormous impact on the way that the recruitment market is evolving. Digital innovation makes a fluid job market function for the benefit of employers and job applicants.

Social media as a primary recruitment source

Recruitment consultants and head hunters can now use social media as a primary source for identifying suitable candidates. When LinkedIn first began, it was seen as a useful way of adding some info to a job applicant’s CV. Now, together with other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a first step in identifying the best candidates.

Specialist social media – for a particular industry sector, for example – can take a recruitment consultant straight to the people that provide a good match for a particular role. The best recruitment agency marketing is heavily integrated with social media, creating a two-way conversation that provides a constant pool of the very best candidates for job opportunities that arise.

Social media reigns supreme when it comes to identifying ‘passive candidates’. These are the people who aren’t actually looking for a job, but who are open to new opportunities.

Traditional methods with a digital push

Despite the march of digital marketing for recruitment, there is still value in traditional marketing methods. Recruitment consultancy marketing can still get excellent results from including approaches such as:

  • Press advertising
  • Public space advertising
  • TV and radio

The big difference is that these marketing methods now push candidates to a digital channel. So, whereas in the past, a press advert would have invited applicants to send a CV to the recruitment agency, today’s adverts will ask the candidate to visit a website. This drives business for recruitment consultancies through giving job seekers access to a range of appropriate jobs besides the one that they saw advertised. This not only broadens the options for job seekers, but increases the range of applicants for employers.

The rise of online profiles and portfolios

The traditional CV or resume has been superseded by online profiles and portfolios. Digital marketing innovation really has the edge here, giving recruiters and candidates the capacity for richer information alongside increased precision of data. Benefits include:

  • Easy updates
  • Immediately accessible and shareable
  • Employers and recruitment consultants can pick relevant sections and links to look at, getting detail where they need it.
  • Scope to add multiple types of additional information, including images, examples of work etc.

How video killed the interview waiting room

We live in a global employment market. One of the biggest changes to employment in recent years is the ability for people to work remotely – often hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their employer. There’s also a greater inclination to re-locate long for career reasons.

Digital marketing for recruitment consultancies has grown alongside this trend, and video calls have become a key tool in the interview process. It’s a vital part of successful recruitment agency practice and isn’t just for global markets. Short video interviews can also be a highly efficient method of first stage screening of candidates, with those who are short-listed undertaking more detailed interviews – online or in person – later on.

Digital marketing for recruitment consultancies and head hunters is constantly evolving, creating greater efficiencies, better return on investment and more effective matching of job roles to candidates. It’s a development that benefits both sides through more choice, faster results, and greater transparency. The most successful recruitment agencies are those that stay ahead in a digital market, making use of innovation to create the service that both employers and candidates want.