Investment in Marketing across the Recruitment sector

Debbie Lawrenson
  • Debbie Lawrenson
  • Head of Digital

If you’re in the recruitment business, the chances are you’re already pretty savvy about marketing. After all, recruitment is a form of marketing in itself: you’re marketing jobs and you’re marketing candidates to fill them. The trick is to find the perfect match.

Yet, when it comes to marketing themselves, there will always be some recruitment businesses that do it better than others and who enjoy the greater return on investment. Let’s take a look at three ways that your investment in marketing could be working harder for you.

Think outside the (small) screen

The recruitment industry is dominated by online activity. Businesses posting vacancies, candidates uploading CVs, and sometimes the whole process, right through from interview to job offer, can take place remotely. So it’s not surprising that the bulk of recruitment marketing activity also takes place online, whether it’s content marketing, email campaigns or pay-per-click ads.

This is all useful stuff and can have tremendous impact, but it’s also important to think outside the screen.  

Print advertising can reap enormous dividends, when it’s part of your campaign. It can put you in front of new audiences, establishing your brand identity and driving new clients to your website. Think carefully about where your print ads will have maximum effect.

  • Successful recruitment advertising campaigns zap into the consciousness of commuters with posters on the sides of buses & taxis, at bus shelters, motorway services and in tube stations.
  • Free newspapers and mags, such as Metro, can also catch the right people at the right time; when they’ve got their working day, jobs and careers on their minds.
  • Then there’s the big screen stuff – think large scale monitors, catching the eyes of people going to and from work, at railway stations.

Print is also good for niche advertising to particular industries and can help position your recruitment agency as the first choice recruitment company for a specific sector.

Clear campaigning

Campaigning is an ongoing part of the business plan for most recruitment agencies, so it’s easy just to keep going, with a little tweak here and there. This approach can lack impact and it’s better to invest in breaking up your recruitment agency marketing to create individual campaigns.

You should have at least one specific campaign each year and build your marketing activity around it. Invest in the creativity and research that goes into creating a specific and original advertising and marketing campaign. It’s a recipe for building recruitment agency revenue and here are some of the essential ingredients:

  • Clear messaging.
  • Specific targeting to particular audiences.
  • Strong memorable imagery.
  • A simple pathway from advert to action.

It’s all about the message

Whatever your recruitment company’s marketing activity, whether it’s online, in print or by other means, it’s all about the message. That’s why a clear marketing message is the first ingredient in our recipe for a successful campaign.

What does a successful recruitment business message look like?

Well, a recent example of where it’s been done brilliantly is the Love Mondays campaign from Reed.

What makes it so effective?

It’s because they’ve covered the three essentials of delivering a compelling marketing message and addressed them with originality and psychological insight.

  1. Who are you targeting?

Reed isn’t just targeting the usual job seekers. They’re also tapping into a huge second market – those people who may not have been actively seeking to change jobs, but who probably would like a change to something better.

  1. What are you telling them?

Reed are getting those ‘non-active job seekers’ to think about the fact that they don’t really enjoy their current job and that there’s something better out there for them.

  1. How are you telling them?

Reed has used a humorous campaign with a strong tagline - ‘Love Mondays’ to get people’s attention. Just the positive lift needed for someone who might be a bit fed up in their current job. That positive lift is the springboard that gets them to take action.

Now that those non-active job seekers have now been turned into job seekers by a top marketing message, where are they going to start their job search? With the recruitment agency that told them that there’s something better out there for them, of course. Job done.

Clever messaging, clear campaigning and adding offline to your online marketing: investing in these three key areas can really boost revenue for your recruitment business. Why not start by taking a look at how you’re using these three marketing techniques at the moment and see if there might be scope for improvement?