Nobody wants to change jobs in December, do they?

Debbie Lawrenson
  • Debbie Lawrenson
  • Head of Digital

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, we’ve all got a lot on our plates (and it’s not just the office Christmas dinner). Deadlines come thick and fast as the holiday season looms and everyone suddenly realises that projects which have been meandering along for the past three months just HAVE to be finished before the year ends.

And then there’s the social whirl to fit in. And the shopping. Let’s face it, who has time to think about their next career move in December? Surely that can wait until January when we’re feeling rested, renewed and ambitious for the year to come?

The mighty reckoning

If you work in recruitment, you know that December is anything but quiet on the job search front. While people are time-pressed with seasonal commitments, many of them are also undergoing a Mighty Reckoning of the highs and lows of the past year, including where they’re up to with career goals.

The milestone that is the end of the year gives people pause for thought as they look back at what they’ve achieved and start to run through ideas of how to make next year better.

12-month plans are forming – for career advancement, career change and finding a job that really fits.

So, while January and February may be the busiest months for recruitment, December is the time to ramp up recruitment agency marketing in order to be first in line for the best job candidates when the job search stampede kicks off in January.

Scratch that itch

During December, those Mighty Reckoners are starting to fish for ideas. They’re starting to feel a definite itch to make a change. They know they’re planning on hitting the jobs market in January and right now they’re doing things like polishing their CV and gathering information about what’s out there in terms of opportunities. There’s a lot of browsing recruitment consultancy websites. And while those mighty reckoners are feeling the job-change-itch, they’re also fully primed to take notice of recruitment agency advertising, marketing and social media.

Is your recruitment consultancy going to be the one that gets noticed? And how does the best recruitment consultancy marketing ensure that it’s their company that gets to scratch that itch?

In the world of advertising copywriting, there’s an acronym for it and December is the perfect time for recruitment consultancy marketing to use it:

It’s called PAS: Problem, Agitate, Solution


Here’s how it works:

  • You identify someone’s problem
  • You agitate their feelings about the problem
  • Then – tra-la – you give them the solution to that problem

Recruitment agency marketing and brand identity can make massive strides using the PAS formula during December. Potential clients are already dwelling on the problem of how to make their next career move:

  • Problem: I want to move jobs in the new year.
  • Agitate: Show them they really should be thinking about getting ahead. You don’t have to stay where you are any longer etc.
  • Solution: We are exactly the recruitment consultancy that you’ve been looking for to make everything happen, and get you that perfect job and make next year soooo much better.

Where to put your PAS

You can use the PAS formula across all your recruitment agency December marketing mediums. You might want to adapt it and use several different stories that all build the message, really working to agitate that itch and then scratch it.

  • A December advertising campaign will put your agency at the forefront of job seekers minds when the rush kicks in in January.
  • The best recruitment agency web design will be an easy update to enable you to add fresh messages and capitalise on the December marketing opportunity.
  • Social media is a massive opportunity to keep agitating that itch during December while offering a clear and enticing solution. Make it easy and seamless for candidates to move from reading a social media post to sending their CV.

Think about using stories that inspire, motivate and instigate action.

Talk to your recruitment consultancy marketing agency to get ideas of how to use PAS to capitalise on that December career itch.

And what if your job just happens to be in recruitment? Well, a focused December marketing campaign for your recruitment consultancy will bring in business and multiply the opportunities to be found during your busiest time of year. And that’s exactly the kind of result which can give your own career a boost as the new year begins.