Recruitment case study: Clemtech

Mo Doolan
  • Mo Doolan
  • Social and Content Manager

Clemtech are a cut above the rest when it comes to sourcing candidates. With an expert client service, we believed they deserved a website that reflected this.

The website we created for Clemtech focused heavily on their positive attributes. As their old site was slightly outdated, we wanted to bring them into the 21st century with a new, refreshed site and improved user experience.

At the beginning of any new assignment we research the key personas of prospective users. How are they are going to use the site and what exactly do they want from it? This gives the project better direction and allows us to build the best site possible. 

Drawing upon 19 years of experience and knowledge gained from supporting our Rolling Stock Clients, we specialise in offering flexible, innovative labour solutions where best practices bring real benefits both financially and in delivery.

Andrew Clements

Some key functionality we added

  • An accurately filtered job board for easier searching
  • An improved application process with a drag and drop CV facility
  • An interactive client journey, detailing the application process from start to finish.

We also added recommended jobs on the bottom of every search page, giving visitors the ability to explore different roles.

Clemtech have an excellent client-candidate relationship, which is something else we wanted to communicate on their website. By focusing on the stories of individual candidates and client case studies we were able to capture this.

Adding a relevant news section to the site was also particularly important, as it gave Clemtech an authoritative voice within their sector.