Using your website to highlight your company’s USPs

Debbie Lawrenson
  • Debbie Lawrenson
  • Head of Digital

We all know the importance of using USPs to show what makes your firm stand out from the competition. But are your USPs clearly highlighted on your website? Here are four tips from Sam McGuire, web designer at The Graphic Design House, that can really help you get your message across.

Define your USPs clearly and quickly

When it comes to your website, the first impression is the last impression. Web users will form an opinion of your business within a few seconds of visiting your site. It’s those first few seconds that determine whether they will stay on your site or move on, to rummage around on competitor sites.

It’s vital that your homepage has a clear concise message, spelling out what makes you unique.

This should be in the form of short, simple copy that sums up your USPs. This isn’t the place for lengthy explanations and fine detail.

And it’s not just about the copy: the design and graphics should make those USPs stand out and look dynamic, with visuals that reinforce the text.

Explain why your company is ideal to provide the product or service

Users are presented with many options, and it can be difficult for them to decide where to invest their time and money. You need to show clearly what it is you’re doing that your competitors aren’t.

You can’t make extravagant claims that don’t stand up to scrutiny – you need to stick with the facts. So what is it that makes you the ideal choice? Spend a bit of time putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Really think about what you would want; what your ideal would look like. Then explain to the customer how your company fulfils their need.

Don’t overcomplicate your explanation. Simply show that you have a real understanding of their requirements and that your product or service gives them what they want. Give them confidence in you and things to feel good about – whether it’s a highlighted testimonial or a special guarantee. Be bold in describing what makes your company idea and use confident graphics and language to accentuate the points you’re making.

Show what sets your business apart from the competition

USPs are all about what makes you unique and special.

But how are you different from the competition, and why is this relevant to customers? What is the specific and unique benefit that comes with choosing you over the competition?

To get these things right you need to take a little time researching your competitors and find out what makes your products and services better than theirs. Try to do this while putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you were the customer, what would make you choose your company over the competition?

Think about the benefits you offer and why customers care about them. Make sure you’re describing how you meet your customers’ needs and wants, rather than just telling them about the features of the product or service.

Don’t just say it – prove it

This is probably the most important thing you can do to push your USPs firmly into a customer’s consciousness.

Great sales figures come from stats and statements.

Stats: Give quantifiable numbers that show customers where they’re getting value. That might be the cost savings you offer as a percentage. Or it could be the number of businesses in a particular area choosing you as their service provider. Figures and stats are seen as proof of your USPs – nailing your claims to hard facts and real experience.

Statements: these are the testimonials from your customers. Personal recommendation is still one of the strongest and most compelling of all sales techniques. When it’s online, rather than in person, it’s every bit as strong, just as long as it comes from real people with real stories.

Work with your designer to incorporate strong sales messages based on stats and statements into your website design.

For example, you may want to include a customer testimonial within each section or page. This is like a gold stamp of approval on all the detail given within each section. It’s someone saying: ‘Yeah that’s absolutely true. It worked for me and it can do the same great job for you.’

When it comes to selling products and services, it will always be your USPs that get you noticed and bring you repeat business. It’s essential that your web design is yelling them out, loud and clear. Be bold, be explicit and keep it simple.

Put your USPs first in your web design and customers will put you first when they make their choices.