Why a well-designed website is just as important for insurance companies as it is for retail

Debbie Lawrenson
  • Debbie Lawrenson
  • Head of Digital

A quick browse through a range of insurance company websites will soon tell you that insurance is lagging behind retail when it comes to website design. So why are websites for insurance companies looking out-dated? Could it be that their target market has different requirements from their retail counterparts? Or could it be something more worrying – that many insurance companies don’t realise the important part played by website design in winning and retaining business?

What do we mean by good design?

A well designed website includes the following:

A good user experience

This is the number one consideration for any website design. Initial user attention and decision making takes place in seconds, not minutes. Anything that makes life awkward for the user will have them leaving your site and browsing your competitors before you can get anywhere near showing your fantastic insurance policies.

Clear and comprehensive functionality.

Customers expect to be able to complete their business simply and quickly online. Your site should be easy to navigate and include platforms that enable users to purchase their perfect insurance policy with confidence.

The ability to access the site from any device

Responsive design. Two words that can make or break your website. Put simply, responsive design allows your site to be used equally well from any device – such as a laptop, phone or tablet. Not only does this tick the boxes for user experience and functionality, but it also means that your website will be rated much more highly by search engines such as Google, bringing customers to you.

Why look to retail for good design?

The answer is simple – because your customers do. While retail and insurance may seem like very different businesses, ultimately they have the same target audience – people. People are used to easy online transactions from the best retail websites and expect similar standards elsewhere. The best insurance company website design understands this and uses it as a model for business advantage.

What makes a good retail website?

Some of the common factors of popular, well-designed retail websites are:

  • Simplicity and clarity
  • It’s easy for people to find the products they want.
  • Products on offer are clearly displayed with relevant information.
  • Clarity on price.
  • Easy, instant transactions.
  • Clear and consistent branding throughout.
  • Useful, clear content.
  • Regular updates
  • Good contact information.

How does this relate to the insurance business?

Let’s look at how we can apply these standards to insurance company website design.

Simplicity and clarity – Insurance can be confusing to clients. Keep your message simple and direct with clear text and visuals that gain consumer confidence. All content needs to be useful and avoid unnecessary detail.

It’s easy for people to find the products they want – Use filters that take people straight to the insurance products relevant to them.

Products on offer are clearly displayed with relevant information – Your customers will be comparing products and policies from a range of insurance companies. Encourage them to put yours in the mix, through clear descriptions of exactly what they’re buying.

There’s clarity on price – Be upfront about pricing. Hidden extras that show up later can make people nervous and suspicious, sending them to competitor insurance businesses.

Easy, instant transactions – Your customers are used to instant purchasing. They’ll expect an instant quote and if they like it, they’ll want to buy their insurance online immediately. The process needs to be simple to carry out.

Regular updates – This might include new products, but it’s also a great way of showing the human face of your business (always a winner), alongside your expertise and high standards of customer service. Think about things like a Q and A section and a blog that updates people on related topics and industry news. Regular updates are vital to your online presence and those all-important Google rankings.

It’s all about selling

When it comes down to it, whether your business is insurance or retail, it’s all about selling. You need to get customers attention, show them what you’ve got, and then persuade them to make a purchase.

The best insurance website design encompasses all that makes major retail brands into business success stories. Outstanding insurance web design is vibrant and alluring, but also efficient and familiar, taking the anxiety out of insurance policy purchase. 

Get the design right and you make your insurance business an obvious choice for customers.