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Complete creative across brand, advertising, photography and digital to promote this pioneering theatre at the heart of Hull, City of Culture 2017.

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A pioneering northern voice

Hull Truck brings local people, artists and audiences closer together through pioneering theatre that’s rooted in the North East, but national in reach.

They produce and present exciting and culturally relevant theatre at their 440-seat theatre in Hull, as well as within the community and out on tour. 

We’ve worked with them on brand identity, web design and a major advertising campaign.

* 25%
** 43%

* of the time it used to take to add a full season into the CMS

** of total tickets sold are via the website and it's now their strongest sales channel

We are delighted with our new website - TGDH gave an excellent creative interpretation of the brief

Hull City of Culture 2017

Helping Hull to make its mark

Every four years, UK cities are given the chance to bid for the designation UK City of Culture. Hull was chosen unanimously to hold the title for 2017. It’s an identity that can bring significant social and economic benefits to an area, through the transformational power of culture.

Hull Truck will be centre stage for 2017, while attention is on their local community. It’s a unique opportunity to build their brand identity, extending the reach and impact of their work. They wanted a new look and feel for their digital and offline promotion material that would convey the ethos and excitement of Hull Truck as part of the City of Culture.


Powerful and intriguing meets gritty and modern

Artwork needed to be flexible in layout and construction, in order to accommodate new imagery for each new show as it happens. Yet it needed to retain a strong brand identity. We removed the background so as not to be constrained by background colour or texture. This has enabled us to be as inventive and adaptable as Hull Truck’s shows.

We’ve used intriguing visual hooks, captivating characterisation and an emotional pull, to bring audiences to the shows.


Contemporary, appealing, exciting

Every new show for the 2017 season needed photography and imagery that would pack an immediate emotional punch, beckoning the viewer to find out more and experience the show for themselves. Our in-house talent transformed simple photoshoots into powerful images that encapsulated the key themes of each show in a style that is contemporary and appealing, while also enriching the user experience.


Broad scope, simply delivered

The site optimises customisation, creativity and originality through responsive web design using Umbraco open source CMS. We incorporated a cutting-edge Spektrix ticketing system, which helps maximise revenue.

Launch site

Big personality

We explored the essence and personality of each show, and then used full-bleed large scale images with minimal text to bring that personality to life.

Theatre on the move

Responsive web design means that the user won’t get a lesser experience just because they’re using a smaller device. From watching trailers to booking tickets, everything’s clear and accessible, no matter what device they’re using.

Hassle free booking

A better user experience means happier customers and time saved at the box office. Features of the ticketing system such as best seat in the house, stored payment details and automatic renewal of memberships, give users the best possible booking experience.


Drawing a crowd

The artwork and illustration that we’ve developed for all aspects of Hull Truck’s 2017 programme is perfect for eye-catching advertising, no matter what format – in print, online, large or small. Strong colours, combined with unconstrained images, make a striking impression to draw in wider audiences.


Since going live they have sold 43% of tickets via the website and it is now their strongest sales channel. Prior to having the new site, 36% were sold online and in person was their strongest channel. 

The number of unique users per day has gone up from 998 to 1,729 and they no longer receive any box office complaints about lack of mobile optimisation (this used to be a regular problem!).

* 25%
** 43%

* of the time it used to take to add a full season into the CMS

** of total tickets sold are via the website and it's now their strongest sales channel

We are delighted with our new website - TGDH gave an excellent creative interpretation of the brief and were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable throughout the process. They managed the project with clear timescales and communication, the site was delivered to spec and on deadline. They continue to give ongoing support and help with queries of any level!

We have had great feedback on the new site from customers, stakeholders, and peers and the last quarter saw our highest percentage of online bookers so far.