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Web design, social media and strong corporate identity: for transport, infrastructure and environmental consultancy.

Launch site


Planning and engineering the future

Mayer Brown is a leading UK consultancy for transport planning, infrastructure design and environmental assessment.

They asked us to bring a fresh approach to their online presence, through dynamic responsive web design, a compelling corporate identity, together with a content & social media strategy that would demonstrate their expertise and experience to a wider, targeted audience.

* 50%
** 50%

* Traffic from social media who are return users

** Users entering through home and then progressing to other pages

The statistics speak for themselves.

Barry Bone - Finance Director and Company Secretary


Complexity made clear

Using the Umbraco CMS, the site delivers clear and concise information through bold images and a strong typographical approach. The user is given a clear route to more detailed and technical information, selecting which aspect and sector of Mayer Brown’s expertise is required. Precise SEO draws attention and builds business.

Launch site


The home page takes the user straight to the details of Mayer Brown’s multiple markets through a carousel of six specialist areas. Essential information is brought to life through case studies and demonstrations of expertise, enriching the user experience.


Through creating separate content specific to each of Mayer Brown’s target markets, the site guides users to the content that is appropriate to their needs. Users can tailor the site to deliver information such as case studies, blogs and news, which is specific to their sector.

Content & social marketing

Winning attention through valuable content

Our strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and regular content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. This targeted presentation of expertise, through the website and social media, attracts customers and builds business.

By understanding the needs of a target audience, we can ensure that relevant content is delivered to the right people. As leading consultants in their field, Mayer Brown needed to address current issues, publicising their innovative approach through up-to-date news and blogs. We also created informative case studies to demonstrate the company’s reach and experience.


New build, new business

The website received great praise from Mayer Brown and their customers. Within six hours of the website going live they acquired their first piece of new business.

* 50%
** 50%

* Traffic from social media who are return users

** Users entering through home and progressing to other pages

Just one year ago, we commenced working with The Graphic Design House on a new website and social media programme. The on going collaboration with TGDH and their team continually adding to the site has resulted in improved traffic and a positive response. The statistics speak for themselves.