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Creating standout brand identity for a regional theatre company. Creative web design that’s integrated with Spektrix booking. A social media strategy that attracts audiences.

Launch site


Inspiring others

The Octagon strives to bring wonderful theatrical experiences to the people of Bolton and beyond. Stories are at the heart of everything that happens at the Octagon – from telling some of the greatest stories ever written through their performances, to encouraging young people to tell stories of their own.

We created a website and branding that gets the message out - world class theatre: made in Bolton.


Colour, clarity, consistency, clout

Octagon wanted new branding that was fresh and strong, without changing too dramatically from their previous, familiar identity. Requirements included a colour palette that would be effective online and for printed materials, together with vibrant, contemporary and consistent typography.




Din Shrift
Font characters

Body copy

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Annual report

Hard stats and compelling stories

The annual report details the Octagon’s finances, together with reports of community initiatives and creative achievement. It needed to reflect the clarity and impact of the website.

We used infographics, illustration and brochure design to deliver key information simply and clearly, while colourful graphics convey a powerful message of the Octagon’s community work and artistic accomplishment.


All join in

Our web design for octagonbolton.co.uk attracts participation. It makes it easy to get involved – in a workshop, in the community or as part of the theatre audience. Buying tickets online is made simple – we incorporated a cutting-edge Spektrix booking system into the website.

Launch site

Home takeover

One of the key features of the website was the ‘home takeover’. By allowing an upcoming show to fill the background of the whole page, the website’s personality is constantly evolving and changing, while retaining a strong brand identity. 

Show details

The Octagon wanted to highlight their passion for storytelling. This was incorporated into the layout of the show pages. Show details can include image galleries, illustration, videos, cast and creative information, reviews and related news and blog posts. All these elements combine to tell the story behind the story.

Ticket purchasing

The website was integrated with the cutting edge Spektrix booking system. This allows the user to select seats, choose from concessions and upgrade to a season membership, all in one transaction – it’s a straightforward user experience. Users can also filter shows to view accessible performances only.

50th Anniversary

All about celebration

The Octagon is 50 years old in 2017.

We created a logo to celebrate this milestone throughout the 2017/18 season. The logo design will help build Octagon’s profile as a central stalwart of the Bolton community. It will feature on brochures, banners, printed materials and online.

Content and social strategy

Tell everyone and build a community

We worked closely with the Octagon Theatre to define a set of ojectives to measure and achieve through the plan. We worked on a content strategy to facilitate achieveing these objectives targeting their primary audience groups and then we created a plan of specific and scheduled topics and types of content to outreach to these groups through relevant social channels.