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Web design for technology company with multiple products for operation critical sectors.

Launch site


Technology that tackles high risk

Pole Star is a privately-owned technology company, developing innovative SaaS software solutions and APIs for the maritime, banking & finance and government sectors.

Pole Star has provided the maritime industry with advanced real-time vessel tracking, SSAS management and LRIT conformance testing, for over 15 years. They also work in the banking, trade & commodity sectors, to manage financial crime risk with advanced sanctions screening and vessel monitoring. Government clients benefit from a comprehensive end-to-end service and the highest levels of reliability, redundancy and scalability.

A reliable content management system was crucial to their new website, alongside strong corporate branding and a straightforward user experience.


The Pole Star journey – planning

Intricate messaging with clear understanding

Pole Star delivers complex technical expertise and equipment for reducing major risks to shipping, financial organisations and governments. The breadth of products and services is wide ranging and multi-faceted.

In creating a new responsive web design for Pole Star, it was essential that we started by gaining a thorough understanding of their work and their client audiences, in order to create a site that delivered to their precise requirements.

Creating an icon

Graphics that clarify

We developed a clean and simple visual style that helps the user to gain a clear understanding of the complex services that Pole Star offers.

We built on this by signposting the way to service-specific information through the creation of a series of illustrations for more than 50 different icons. These icons help the user identify and understand Pole Star’s business and products through strong, graphic illustration.


Clear and direct user journeys

Built using Umbraco CMS we designed clever visuals and content presentation to create a straightforward and valuable user-journey through multifarious information for security critical sectors.

Launch site


Pole Star required a clean, contemporary website that reflected their innovative approach in critical technology for security, efficiency and safety. Without getting the user lost in detail, the home clearly outlines Pole Star services, sign posting users to products and services relevant to their needs and sector.

Find a supplier

Immediately accessible from the home and across the site, government organisations and shipping can locate their nearest Pole Star approved supplier in seconds. Searchable by location, supplier type and service, ships are able to plan ahead and utilise Pole Star Global, no matter where in the world their next port is.

‘Your challenges’ tool

Our understanding of Pole Star, their markets and clients, led us to the creation of a unique approach to the user journey. Instead of dividing the audience by industry sector, as would usually be the case, we categorised them by the challenges that they face. We created a search tool that asks the user about those challenges, before directing them to applicable Pole Star solutions, greatly enhancing the overall user experience.