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Creating a new eye-catching campaign we used advertising and social media to attract audiences to this independent school's annual open event.


Effective messaging built on understanding

Portsmouth Grammar School is one of the country’s leading co-educational independent schools, with pupils aged from 2½ - 18 years old.

We’ve worked with the school for over ten years. Our work includes newsletter design, brochure design and leaflet design alongside prospectuses, magazines, show programmes, flyers and booklets.

Our long relationship has been built on our understanding of the school and its ethos, working with the school as it evolves. The school knows that TGDH will complete any project with intelligence, originality, empathy and expertise.

Attendees * 53%
Monthly traffic ** 66%

* Open morning attendees found out about the event through the #NoOrdinarySchool campaign

** Increase in monthly traffic to the website during the month of the #NoOrdinarySchool campaign

When developing our latest campaign The Graphic Design House came up with three incredibly strong ways forward which showed how carefully they had listened to what we needed to achieve. 

Elisa Linley, Head of Marketing and Admissions


Dynamic campaigning to arouse interest

We were asked to create a new campaign to promote their annual open morning event that would highlight the school’s distinctive approach and make it stand out as exceptional. We used the key campaign headline ‘LEARN MORE’ to highlight:

  • Incredible academic results – the average grade achieved by pupils was an A grade.
  • Strong pastoral care and support.
  • Amazing range of extracurricular activities.
  • Education that is exciting, vibrant and supportive.

We used a range of channels to create a strong and enticing brand identity, including billboard and press advertising, social media and a 100,000 targeted door drop.


Engaging, stimulating, encouraging

The prospectus is the prime vehicle for showcasing the school to parents. It needed to be immediately vibrant and engaging, whilst also encompassing the school’s ethos, vision and standards within a strong corporate identity. Design needed to be consistent with other school publications and marketing materials.

We combined simplicity with sophistication, reflecting Portsmouth Grammar School as a distinctive and outstanding place to learn. Powerful black and white photography captured the school’s personality, while a bespoke cover folder, containing an ‘Information for Parents’ booklet, had the dual purpose of being updateable and cost effective for reprinting each year.

Sixth Form Prospectus

Giving MORE, getting attention

We’ve developed and recharged Portsmouth Grammar School’s printed materials, based on the ‘MORE’ campaign. This high impact branding gives an immediate impression of the enhanced education experience at the school: Learn More, but also more opportunity, more support, more forward thinking, more personal and more dedicated.

The prospectus cover design emphasises the MORE brand identity through eye catching images of the new-build, state-of-the-art Sixth Form Centre.

The overall look is punchy, with bold styling, while student stories bring authenticity to the message, through a pupil-led voice.

Portsmouth Point Magazine

Aiming high through professional presentation

Portsmouth Point Magazine is a collection of work from sixth form students and their teachers, with articles based on diverse social or political themes.

We gave stand-out visual impact to the publication by mimicking the look and feel of the ‘Sunday Times Magazine’. Strong typography and varied imagery builds interest and it’s considered a high-prestige publication by students and readers.

Leavers book

Memories to treasure forever

The Leavers’ Book is a beautifully presented record, containing profiles of every leaving student. Black and white photography delivers bold impact and substance, while reflecting the personality of each student. It’s a sumptuous record of school life to be treasured in the years to come.

When an agency pitches, you hope to get at least one idea to go with.  When developing our latest campaign The Graphic Design House came up with three incredibly strong ways forward which showed how carefully they had listened to what we needed to achieve.  Creatively, it was a great situation to be in and then to hear from visitors at our event that they had seen and been influenced to come along by the advertising demonstrated its success in helping us meet our objectives.