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Strong messaging on hospice care for multiple audiences – through social media, web design, branding and advertising campaigns.

Launch site


Much more than a building

St Wilfrid’s Hospice has been part of people’s lives across West Sussex for 30 years. The hospice cares for up to 240 patients and their families at any one time. It’s an essential presence in the community, touching the lives of thousands each year.

Despite performing an absolutely vital service, St Wilfrid’s needs to generate 87% of the £7m annual running costs.

We have been working with St Wilfrid’s for over four years now, helping them to build their brand identity, gaining attention and support in a climate of increasingly demanding competition for the charity sector.

I've been working with TGDH for several years now and it's great because they really get us - it's like they’re an extension of St Wilfrid's.

Helen Humphry, Communications Officer


Understanding the market

St Wilfrid’s is a complex organisation with multiple threads reaching into different parts of the community. The charity has numerous messages to reach a variety of audiences, including:

  • Staff and volunteers
  • Care recipients
  • Partner organisations
  • Supporters
  • The local community

We carried out extensive research of these audiences, as well as auditing competitor charities and gathering information via a branding workshop with St Wilfrid’s stakeholders and the TGDH team. This gave us clarity on the market and insight into the most effective messaging.

Briefing document

Finding the message that fits

We used our research findings to create a Brand Brief. This detailed the key, sometimes unexpected, aspects of St Wilfrid’s brand identity; who they are and why they exist.

This brief was a foundation for core messaging. Words matter for hospices, where discussions around death and dying can be difficult. Yet hospices are often surprising: full of laughter and living.

We created a brand strapline: ‘Making a difference to local lives’.


Simple, striking, effective

The Brand Brief was also the launch pad for the creative brief. Our logo design retained the client’s original logo, but adapted it to reinforce the ‘local’ message.

We simplified and amplified visual messaging through paring down the colour pallet, which included a sea palette to reflect St Wilfrid’s coastal location. We created a unique illustration style, as suitable photography could sometimes be problematic. This styling created a huge resource for the internal team to create their own communications.



Fira Sans Book
Font characters

Body copy

Gochi Hand
Font characters


Core blue

Pantone 286
100% 50% 20%

Core Lime

Pantone 389
100% 50% 20%

Secondary light blue

Pantone 2985
100% 50% 20%

Secondary dark blue

Pantone 2955
100% 50% 20%

Secondary Aquamarine

Pantone 320
100% 50% 20%

Dreambuilding blue

Pantone 639
100% 50% 20%

Brand guide

Guidance made simple

We created a brand guide containing simplified information in the form of a poster. This makes the brand guidelines easy to understand and apply for those working on the large output that’s produced internally.

Livery & printed collateral

Local messaging that delivers results

The new brand has unified a large and complex organisation, making the work and impact of St Wilfrid’s highly visible in the local area, through 13 fund-raising shops, delivery vans and at a variety of community and partner events. Our research enabled us to make marketing materials much more effective: how and where to use them. Newsletter design, leaflet design and brochure design all have different parts to play in the mix.


Showing the heart of the hospice is an emotionally powerful site with a strongly supportive and practical approach, giving staff, patients and their families a voice. Careful SEO ensures that the messages are reaching target audiences.

Launch site

Value driven

The website needed to demonstrate that a hospice is much more than a building. It’s about care and activity within the community and people’s homes, too. We’ve alleviated some of the fears around hospices by showing that they’re not just about dying, but about lives and living.

An honest approach

The site had to be honest and transparent. It also needed to acknowledge and inspire volunteers and fundraisers. We created a Wall of Fame to highlight fundraising achievement. Volunteers can find out what the time they could give actually achieves for the hospice. Infographics show clearly where money goes on day-to-day basis.


Individual stories are at the heart of the website. The real-life aspect generates empathy and understanding while patients, staff, volunteers and others all have a voice and can be heard.

Content and social strategy

We created a wide-ranging but meticulously aimed content and social media strategy. By researching target audiences and finding out the most appropriate methods for reaching them, we were able to create targeted information through multiple channels to inform and inspire, generating support and helping the community.

I've been working with TGDH for several years now and it's great because they really get us - it's like they’re an extension of St Wilfrid's. We wanted a strong brand, with a style guide which could easily be used in-house. Together with TGDH, we went right back to basics, agreeing who we're talking to and what we're saying. TGDH then took these findings and produced a fantastic style guide featuring a new look and feel that goes beyond just a logo and font style, but which really stands out in the very competitive third sector.