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A fresh approach to this sixth form college website and prospectus to give a clear and immediate impression of the diverse range of courses on offer.

Launch site


Find your place

The Henley College inspires and educates nearly 2,000 full-time students from over 100 schools across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

They needed a fresh approach to their website and prospectus design that would give a clear and immediate impression of the range of courses on offer – academic and vocational – and the high quality of teaching and learning. The site needed to be easy to navigate, guiding users quickly to information relevant to their aspirations, encouraging an increase in applications. 

Online applications * 246
Applications increase ** 27%

* Online applications since going live

** Increase in total applications in 2016



Understanding the user

Building a real understanding of your audience is essential to planning successful marketing. We began by visiting the college, talking to staff and students and getting a real feel for the campus and its history.

We then used our research to produce a checklist of essential objectives, from which we created user journeys that would appeal to the target audience. The user journeys also helped us to create a much improved user experience, quickly taking the user to the information that they want. All this was done within the college brand guidelines, yet with original and creative design.


Website drives student applications through effective SEO that widens the reach of the college’s message. Responsive web design, built on Umbraco content management then guides the user to content relevant to their requirements. Detailed, persuasive information of more than 60 courses is easily accessed.

Launch site


Inspiring from the outset

Within seconds of arriving at the home page, users have absorbed a snapshot, in words and images, of the huge range of courses and extra-curricular activities available. This is done through an animated carousel which settles on ‘Find your place’, taking them to a simple but comprehensive course finding tool. A clear corporate identity is immediately established.

Student stories further inspire the user, while vibrant and imaginative photography bring choices and opportunities to life.

Course comparison

We created a course comparison tool that makes it even easier for students to decide on which course is best suited to their needs. It allows users to compare key considerations such as cost, course duration and entry requirements.

Application process

We created an infographic to guide prospective students through the application process in 10 simple steps. We built in tips and guidance at key stages, such as the interview. This encourages the student throughout the process, giving them a taste of the supportive teaching and learning at The Henley College.


Information and inspiration

Our prospectus design combined strong layout and typography with powerful photography to give an inspiring and informative first impression.

Clever design makes it easy, intuitive and visually stimulating for users to find the information relevant to their interests.


Student applications increased from those receiving our new design brochure. Online applications are simplified for career movers. There has also been an increase in engagement from local secondary schools.

Online applications * 246
Applications increase ** 27%

* Online applications since going live

** Increase in total applications in 2016